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Car-Tex Trailer Co. has a complete inventory of trailer parts for all type trailers. From the roof bows to the undercarriage to the tires and wheels, we’ve got you covered.


RKI C63 Tool BoxRKI Tool Boxes

RKI truck boxes are built to withstand tough conditions.

Truck boxes are available in a variety of designs, with side-opening doors, full-length lids and double lids.

Low side truck boxes mount along the side of the bed rail with a spring assist lid opening for convenient access. Upper side truck boxes mount above the bed rail or fit any flat application.

Topper compartment boxes are ideal for general applications such as flatbeds or on top of a service body. They can be mounted on any flat surface and also come with spring assist lid openings for convenient access.

H-Series truck boxes are horizontally hinged. V-Series truck boxes are vertically hinged. Both are available in various sizes and door configurations with machine chain door stops and weather-resistant door seals.




Montezuma Tool Box

Montezuma Tool Boxes

  • 16 ga. steel construction with welded seams—no spot welding
  • Powder coat finish
  • Holds both metric and S.A.E. tools
  • Lid secures tools in position when closed
  • Locking latch secures tools from unauthorized use
  • Lock cylinder has double-cut keys for easier locking and unlocking
  • Weather stripping creates a tight seal against dust and moisture
  • Gas spring raises lid when unlatched for easy tool access
  • Sturdy side handles make moving easy
  • Tool inventory at a glance






Geneva Tool Box

Geneva Tool Boxes

Available in Brite or Black Powder-Coated Diamond Plate Aluminum

Brite Aluminum available with Left, Right, or Universal Door

Black Powder-Coated Aluminum available with Universal Door only

Features Include: 

  • Available to fit most 6-ft and 8-ft pickup beds
  • Five full-extension 16-gauge steel drawers
  • Three large drawers and two smaller drawers
  • Each Storage Drawer System includes a cam-locking security system
  • Mini / Mid-size features four equal-size drawers
  • Steel surfaces have a rust-resistant finish
  • Heavy-duty 16-gauge mounting base raises the storage drawer above truck bed moisture
  • Two keys included
  • Easy installation and removal of storage drawer
  • Made in the USA



Pack Rat Tool Box

Pack Rat Tool Boxes

Designed for heavy loads, WEATHER GUARD® PACK RAT® Drawer Units were also designed with modular shelving applications in mind. Have your equipment waiting for you as soon as you open the door. These heavy-duty pull-out drawer units can be mounted inside the side or rear doors. They offer easy access to hundreds of pounds of tools and supplies while leaving floor space open for hauling materials or moving in and out of the vehicle.

  • Low-profile provides concealed and secure storage for heavy items without greatly reducing truck bed area
  • Reinforced construction allows material to be loaded on top of the unit
  • Drawer compartments are approximately 9 3/4” wide and can be divided
  • ONE-TOUCH® Latch System allows easy, one-hand operation
  • The smooth gliding roll-out drawer puts frequently needed items within easy reach without the need to climb up onto the truck bed
  • Drawers are weather stripped and each drawer has a load rating of 425 lbs. evenly distributed

Need to feed some livestock?  Have a large feeding operation?  Boyd has the equipment for you.  Built from high quality materials such as 10 gauge pans to new pipe.  Boyd has been an industry leader in the feeder equipment business.


Boyd Bulk FeederBulk Feeders:

Made with heavy duty 16-gauge steel and top quality pipe and tubing.  Available in 6 sizes from 12’ x 8’ to 12’ x 24’ with a capacity up to 24,000 lbs!  Built on metal skids for easy moving.





Portable Bulk FeederPortable Bulk Feeders:

Our portable bulk feeders are available in single and double axle configurations.



Carrying Capacity

Feeding Capacity

Single Axle

8' x 8'

2,500 lbs.

5,000 lbs.

Double Axle

8' x 16'

5,000 lbs.

10,000 lbs.


Creep FeederCreep Feeders

Our feeders are fabricated out of 16-gauge metal, heavy steel tubing, and angle iron.  Fully assembled, ready to add feed.  Compact and easily adjusted.  7 1/2’ x 15’ holds 3,000 lbs of feed to accommodate up to 40 calves.  Adjustable gates allow easy access for all calves.  Built on skids for fast, easy moving.



Half Creep FeederHalf Creep Feeder:

At 7 1/2’ x 7 1/2’, this creep feeder is just half the size of our regular creep feeder with all the same features.  With a capacity of 1,500 lbs, this feeder can feed 20-25 calves.  This feeder is designed to fit against any fence for easy access when filling.



Standard TroughTroughs:

Boyd’s standard troughs measure approximately 30” wide and 8” deep.  This space saver trough is your feeding answer! Available in 8’, 10’, 12’, and 14’ lengths.



Combo Horse FeederHorse Feeder:

Have some horses that don’t get along?  Use one of Boyd’s combination horse feeders to keep those unfriendly animals apart, without buying separate feeders.  Also available without end troughs and extended hay rack.


AccessoriesWhether it’s work or play, we carry a full line of truck accessories for the ultimate protection of your vehicle. From the top to the bottom we’ve got you covered!

  • Nerf Bars
  • Vent Visors
  • Bugshields
  • Husky Floor Mats
  • Husky Mud Guards
  • Bed Mats
  • Tailgate Mats
  • Seat covers



The World's Sharpest Hunting Knives

Never Lose Your Edge! With the Piranta and Baracuta knives with the quick-change "crazy-sharp" blades, the sharpest knives for hunting, field dressing, skinning and filleting. Hunters, professional guides and wildlife officers rave about our lightweight field dressing and skinning knives with the surgically-sharp blades - blades that taxidermists have been buying from us for over 25 years.

Hav Open Knife



Each Knife Includes 12 Additional Blades

Lighten your hunting field pack with Havalon skinning knives with the "quik-change" blades. The Piranta series reduces the need to carry extra skinning knives, gut hook blades or whetstones. When the blade gets dull, just pop it off and replace it with a new one.







Whatever you call it…… Ice box, Ice cooler, Work cooler, Marine ice chest, Drink cooler, or Chilly bin, YETI  Coolers specializes in manufacturing the best ice chest available. Whether you are working, hunting, fishing, camping, boating, tailgating, rafting, or having a barbeque, we have a large cooler range of heavy duty, well insulated, rugged coolers for your work and outdoor ice retention needs.

 Yeti Cooler Open

           Yeti 35Yeti 45Yeti 65Yeti 75


Woodsey Too has been in business since 1997 and we take great pride in all of our products!

Quality and Safety are our top priorities. Our products are not just built to perform and last, but also to make hunting safe and comfortable for all hunters no matter their size or age. Our integrity, respect for our customers, and commitment to building the best possible products is what separates Woodsey Too from our competitors.

Customer satisfaction will always be the center of our mission. We realize that the future of our company depends on how we take care of you. If you have any questions about any Woodsey Too products please contact the sales staff at Car-Tex Trailer 903-693-9222

Woodsey Grey Ghost Treestand                                               Woodsey Grey Ghost-3

logo Curt

CURT receiver style hitches are proudly made in the USA. Precision robotic welding ensures strength and superior fit. Finally, the CURT powder coat finishing process is a step above the rest.


Its extremely important to us that when you need a hitch, CURT is the best option. Our focus on being first-to-market with new custom fit hitch designs ensures that no matter what vehicle you have, CURT has the hitch for it. Additionally, we want to ensure that you are very with your hitch for years to come. That's why CURT hitches undergo a stringent production design, and testing process. For more information on CURT hitch applications please contact our qualified sales staff.


CURT also offers a wide  selection of  Ball Mounts, Weight Distribution Hitches,  Hitch Mounted Bike Racks, and Cargo Management Systems.